Hiding In Plain Sight

by The Invisibles

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released March 27, 2018

"The Uncanny Invisibles" (the original lineup)

Travis - Guitar, Vocals
Molly Scalise - Lead Vocals
Brian Kato - Guitar
Brittany Bennett -Vocals, Synth, Trumpet
Freddy Duran - Bass Guitar
Will Jennings - Drums

Generally speaking, lyrics are by Travis, and music is by Travis except where indicated (click on the links for individual songs to see specific songwriting and performance credits).

All recordings produced and engineered by Travis, with apologies.
All rights reserved 2018-2019.


all rights reserved



The Invisibles Washington, D.C.

Eclectic, progressive indie rock from D.C.!

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Track Name: Following You, Following Me
I will fall
Following down, falling forever
Follow you down, my love
Follow you down
The stories you loved, the lessons learned
Hearing your feedback
Beating in sympathy all around

And how I love to see you happy tonight.
Your desire becomes my own.
Yeah you’re my own, my very own

And I reply
Falling too far behind
Follow the leader, tell me you need her
Don’t make a sound
Back and forth
Our little tug of war
Following orders, good little soldiers
Into the ground

And in our game of reciprocity
Our contagion catching fire
And the imitation we inspire

And how I love the way you’re looking at me
Like the breath of the widest sky
And we’ll go together, you and I
And we’ll go together, you and I
And we’ll go together…

And how I love the way you’re looking at me
And the push and pull sometimes
Until they pay us for our crimes.
Track Name: Awake, Still Dreaming
We are the children of stars
and the valleys down below
we carve out strawberry heartache
in the snow

night swimming into Laniakea
on fluorescent tide
we awaken, still dreaming
in the light

Trans-Neptunian objects
are closer than they appear
we drink from crimson goblets and
dissolve and disappear

We surface into old Vaalbara
for the purple funk parade
green faery and the new Valhalla masquerade

dreaming away... in Sagittarius A
dreaming away... in Sagittarius A
dreaming away... in Sagittarius A
dreaming away... in Sagittarius A
dreaming away...

and we play
another day
in the creamy clouds along the way
the first, the last, not so fast
back from the past
we're here to stay....
Track Name: My Favorite Monster
She loves it when the sun goes down.
That’s when her undead army comes… to town.
The shadow of her leather wings,
and her green skin glistening
Fills me with the desire to sin. Cause she’s my….

Chorus: My favorite, my favorite, my favorite monster, oh whoh-whoh! (x2)

I love her vampire kiss
(My favorite monster!)
Venus flytrap succubus
(My favorite monster!)
And I’m terrified by her insane robot arm
But I am mesmerized by her forked tongue and her devil charm!

Chorus2: sing line 4 times

And I know that doing this is wrong
But I can’t resist her siren song
And when she comes along, it won’t be long before we are long gone
And I finally found where I belong (and she sings….)

I’ve got a secret plan to wage war upon
all of life’s mysteries
And drain the life from any foolish young man who strays into my hot cauldron of misery.
The clicking of my spider legs,
as I lay my Destiny Eggs
They’ll explode out of your spine.
Such a lovely way to die!
And raise your lifeless husk –
obey my every whim you must
my psycho-tronic rays from my saucer in the sky!


She says her love for me will never die….
Zombie love!
But then she tries to eat my thigh…. Zombie love!

Chorus (my fav x 2)
She loves to suck my blood!
My favorite monster!
Just like a monster should!
My favorite monster!
My favorite, my favorite, my favorite, my favorite
My favorite, my favorite, my favorite monster oh whoh whoh whoh whoh whoh whoh whoh whoh!!!!
Track Name: Who's Sorry Now?
You never ready my note
Lonesome days so long ago
Close together, far apart...
(Take a minute to think it over)
Now that you've had your fun
Do you remember those that you left behind?

And everywhere I turn
Burning light still realizes
No matter what I learn
You never returned to apologize

My love, you said we'd grow old together
A Valued Member
of the May-December infestation.
Please stab me in the fucking back
No one else
Has such lovely tentacles

And everywhere I go
Voices give their dark pronouncements
No matter what I know
There's no need to shout....

Who's sorry now?
Who's sorry now?

And in the halls of the centrifuge
The administrators clack their beaks
In ecstatic frenzy
No longer content to tear the best bits of flesh with gay sarcasm
The puke a vile and purple gossip bile
Digest their prey with condescension
But from the gaping maw of this abyss
Something crawls back up....

Who's sorry now?
Who's sorry now?
Who's sorry now?
Who's sorry now?
Track Name: Carbon Cloud
Your sleeping horizon comes into view
My icebreaker has you covered
Last night your secrets were just peeking through
And we've only just recovered
And out beyond the periphery of the fog
Magnesium flashes in the dark
And slowly starts to fall...

An unfamiliar coastline
The soft focus of first impressions

Seek but never find
Like Monet slowly going blind
The diffusion of our graphene coalition
Smeared across the sky
Unconscious of the reasons why
And Sundays when we lost our minds

Coming in to focus...

In drips and drops they stop your heart
You drop your guard, it's not your fault
It's bittersweet, just out of reach
And you fall somewhere in between

In drips and drops they stop your heart
You drop your guard, it's not our fault
It's incomplete, just out of reach
And you fell somewhere in between

Kaleidoscopic, illustrated
Pointillistic, pixelated
Searching and expecting and anticipating
Droplets of identity evaporating every day and

On my knees
You bring me tea and symmetry,
and whisper reassuringly
"I promise it's ok,
We'll pull ourselves together someday"
It's easy for you to say.
You never had to remain.

And the storm clouds are breaking
And we never decline to be fire
It gets stranger every day
More dangerous every way

And in the haze of memory
The half forgotten melody
The beautiful broken symphony
Of our hearts bleeding in sympathy.
The Cantor contiguity,
You always see right through me....

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